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And she posts.

Hey there everyone. Today Christina has decided to post because I effing feel like it. :P I admit, I don't watch a whole lot of ATHF but I most definaitly did last year! Tomorrow Myself and Krista (scaurasktr  ) are going to the This Day and Age concert. We are VERY excited to be finally so close to finishing our quest and hanging out with our famous buddies. Its sad, though, that these guys are getting so famous. Now they'll be touring all over the place and possibly won't remember us. We might lose contact with them somehow. Hopefully, that doesn't happen because, these guys rock and rock well. Even though tis frustrating knowing that one day we might just end up being 40 year old dramatic fans of them who tell their kids that they used to talk/hang out with them but they forgot, I'm pretty happy for them. Like, I'm glad they get to live their dream because not many do. So guys, heres to you. Cheers.

Our staff is planning a few business trips along the road. These include, and all day trip to Strawberry Island on the Niagara River, Kingdom Bound 04, and a sleep over on Friday the 13th. Sleep over you say? With the youth group you hear? Yes, yes. But no sweat man, its not going to be lame like every other youth groups events. Our youth group/leaders seriously rock my world. While the guys are out doing paintball the girls will be out doing...crazy things. Some may to illegal to a degree but as Jen, our intern, says ," It's easier to ask forgivness than to ask permission!"

Well Im out like a tennager with a new corvette. Ta-ta. Vroom vrroom. :] <33

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